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Agia Kiriaki Celebrations - Porto Perigiali

Agia Kiriaki Celebrations

This is the most significant festival in the Nidri area. The church of Agia Kiriaki, the patron saint of Vlicho, is located opposite Nidri. During the festival period, which lasts three days, a market is set up along the seafront in Nidri. 

Small boats run a regular ferry service from Nidri harbour across to the church on this day. The evening festivities take place in the village of Vlicho. Tables, chairs and makeshift bandstands are set up all along the seafront. Hundreds of people come from all over the island to join in the evening festivities, which usually begin around 11pm and go through the night till the early hours of the morning. It’s great fun to watch or even join in but be warned, the clarinet music is played at extremely high decibel level!